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We are a firm that practices in many states.

Our Projects extend beyond both coasts, including China and Africa.

Our Company, E. Tom Pyle, Jr & Associates, P.A. located in McPherson, Kansas

We have been serving Kansas and the various States since the 1950s. We have performed services for->

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e tom pyle jr and associates best western hotel building and design
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We work together as a passionate group of people with love for design

E. Tom Pyle Jr & Associates, P.A. has been able to produce more Projects than Pyle Inc. and Pyle Construction Inc. could build in the past. Therefore, other builders have been able to build a fair amount of our Projects. In all these years, in bidding projects, the Pyle companies have only been beaten 4 times and by less than $1,500.00 even though we may have to travel much farther than local companies.

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