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We have been a one-stop-shop for several years after our beginning in 1946 as Pyle Construction Company, which was incorporated in 1961 and whose name was changed in 1971 to Pyle Inc. Construction Company.

McPherson Architectural Service began in 1948, a company I acquired in 1971, and after several years, in 1982, I changed the name to E. Tom Pyle Jr & Associates, P.A. (ETPA) After having worked in the summers for Pyle Construction Company since 1959 up until 1966 and previously from summers in 1957 and 1958, I washed dishes in our family-owned Hanger Restaurant owned by my Father Ed and my Uncle Dino, while my Mother Alice and Aunt Bea were the Hostesses.

McPherson Material and Supply Company was started in 1956 and incorporated in 1958 to begin the process of taking control of our material prices, whose name was changed in 1982 to McPherson Supply Inc. (MSI) In 1984, McPherson True Value and Home Center, a subsidiary of MSI, completed our “Three Stranded Cord” capturing retail and wholesale National Direct Manufacturing Buying Power.

After my Father died in 1997, I was 100% owner of all the above companies and part-owner of the 7 Red Coach Inn Hotels, Restaurants, and Convention Centers, the last of which we sold in 2016. One of my sons, David M. Pyle, and I started another Construction Company using Pyle Construction Inc, together in 1998 with Pyle Inc. serving as the major subcontractor for Pyle Construction Inc (PCI).

E. Tom Pyle Jr. & Associates, P.A. has been able to produce more Projects than Pyle Inc. and Pyle Construction Inc. could build in the past. Therefore, other builders have been able to build a fair amount of our Projects. In all these years, in bidding projects, the Pyle companies have only been beaten 4 times and by less than $1,500.00 even though we may have to travel much farther than local companies. Please read about the percentage differences between builders and between architects on my web site. Our experience has born that out.

In 2005 on a budget of $2,500,000.00 given to two other Architects, the best they could do was produce a Project that cost $5,000,000.00 that was part stone at the lower levels with EFIS above, Flat Ceilings, HVAC System that uses more energy just moving water around than my entire Geothermal Vertical Well System to Heat and Cool the Air and the Hot Water. We provided the same footprint in Plan with natural stone on exterior walls, Vaulted Ceilings in a soft color, with a much more energy-efficient building envelope. Our Plan also included the Ambo, Altar, and Baptismal Font all in Granite of various colors.

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Currently registered in the states of Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma and Washington as well as NCARB certified, which allows for easy licensing in other states we may wish to practice in.

We have been a one stop shop for several years after our beginning in 1946 as Pyle Construction Company. We were incorporated in 1961 and changed our name in 1971 to Pyle Inc. Construction Company.
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