Engineering Services

Designing and updating installations with minimal energy life-cycle costs can significantly reduce environmental impacts; this is where E is concerned. TOM PYLE JR & ASSOCIATES, P.A.’s engineering experts, add tangible monetary value to each project.

Our expertise shall include:

1. We Recognize the fundamental differences between the load and the driven equipment and the exhaust-driven installations.
2. Advising on issues of commissioning and re-commissioning
Knowing what drives energy consumption and what you need to do about it.
3. Advising the science community on how to specify optimal equipment for minimal environmental impact regularly.
4. How to implement energy-efficient operation and maintenance strategies.

The building’s lifelines are invisible – lying above the ceiling tiles, below the floors, or behind the walls. E. TOM PYLE JR & ASSOCIATE, P.A. Engineers, understand the importance of protecting customer property, preserving energy, and providing safe, comfortable, and productive spaces



In close collaboration with our clients, we develop designs that reflect clients’ strategic mission, values, and priorities

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